A Greener Solution

A Greener Solution

By Karen Hardy

OPTI-FREE® products have always been known for their green colored packaging, but recently, we just got a little bit greener. You see, to help show our growing commitment to the environment, we here at Alcon recently redesigned the packaging of our OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH® starter kits. These kits – the kind you receive from your eye doctor when you go in for a check up – have been redesigned to reduce package size by 44%. Smaller packaging means less paper, and therefore less trash. And, ultimately more trees are left standing, and that’s one step closer to a better world for all of us. .

To help celebrate this new, greener OPTI-FREE®, we set out to do a little more for the planet. Our goal was to team up with optometrists across the nation and help restore some of our natural resources.

"The planet provides us with so much," said Sandra Harrison, Marketing Manager at Alcon. "Not just the necessities we need to live and survive and thrive, but the very beauty of nature that keeps life so full of wonder. We knew we had to start doing what we could to keep the earth healthy."

Years of wildfires and other natural disasters have left many forests in desperate need of new, healthy trees, and OPTI-FREE® products rose to the challenge. We got in touch with the Arbor Day Foundation, the nation’s oldest and largest tree-planting organization, to help repopulate some of our National Forests.

With the Arbor Day Foundation’s help and a goal of planting 10,000 new trees, we reached out to eye care professionals across the nation, asking for their support. Just one click on a link, and we planted a tree in their honor.

Not only will these new trees make our National Forests more beautiful and enjoyable for the folks who visit them, they’ll also provide food and habitat to wildlife AND help purify the air we breathe!

These days, it can seem like "going green" is more of a marketing fad than anything. It’s easy to forget that we’re doing this for a reason. Every little bit helps: Each tree spared, every new one planted brings us a little closer to making our world a more beautiful, healthy place to live in. Protecting our planet, restoring it, isn’t just a trend or a gimmick. It’s something we must do, because it affects every single one of us. OPTI-FREE® products are proud to be making an effort, and we’d like to thank the Arbor Day Foundation and optometrists across the country for helping us out.

If you’d like to learn more about Alcon’s commitment to the environment, click here.

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