A Fashionable Eye

A Fashionable Eye

By Teddy St. Claire

All right, ladies – we all know you've got the goods, but you've still got to learn how to work 'em! Of course, there are a lot of goods I could be talking about here (a whole, whole lot in some cases), so let's get specific: It's all about the eyes, girls!

With just a little bit of time and thought, your eyes can be a bigger asset than legs up to here, curves out to there. No doubt you already know enough to at least throw on a little eyeshadow and a touch of mascara (and if you don't... well, that's a topic for another day!), but makeup's not the only weapon in your eye-popping arsenal. With the right wardrobe and a few carefully chosen accessories, you'll be knockin' people out with a glance from 30 yards away.

So, let's get started!

The most crucial part of your wardrobe (at least in terms of bringing out your eyes) is...


Sure, you could argue that the material or patterns of your clothes are just as important, but you would be wrong, sister. If you want to draw attention to your eyes, color is going to be the main factor; all that other stuff is only going to pull the eye away from your face, and who the heck wants that? So, let's assume you're not walking around in polyester foil houndstooth or something and just move on, all right?

Color starts off deceptively simple: If you want to bring out a particular color in your eyes, just wear that color. If you have blue eyes, wear blue. Green eyes, wear green. See, when light hits that green top (or blue, or whatever), the light reflects back in all different directions. Some of it reflects off of your eyes, though, and if it's a similar enough shade, it can make your eyes appear deeper in hue. Easy enough, right?

But, things start to get more complicated when you consider the complex patches of color that actually make up your irises. You might have flecks of green, a ring of yellow or touches of brown, and it's up to you if you want to highlight or downplay these factors. And if you have hazel eyes, well! You can change your eye color as much as your mood, practically! Just decide which element of your eyes you'd like to highlight (the orange in your brown eyes, the green in your baby blues) and wear that color! Your eyes will jump right off your face and into the hearts and minds of men everywhere!

"But Teddy!" you say, "I look horrible in the color that brings out my eyes!" As I said, things can get a little tricky with color, depending on other factors, including your hair color and skin tone. And it's true. The color that looks best with your eyes may look awful with the rest of you, making you look pale or ill or just flat-out icky. Thankfully, you're nowhere near out of luck. Check out your new best friend, the color wheel:

Here's what you do: Find the spot on the wheel that's closest to the color you want to bring out in your eyes. The areas all around that spot should work just fine for a lot of people. But, if they don't – or if you want to branch things out a little (who wants to wear just the one color all the time?) – go to the exact opposite side of wheel and use all of those colors! They'll work just as hard to make your eyes stand out, but they mix and match with the rest of your tones in a completely different way. Chances are that one of these color schemes is going to make both you and your eyes look fabulous. They call color pairs like these "complementary colors," but you'll be calling them "complimentary" after everyone starts admiring your stunning new look.

To really nail down your ideal color scheme, why not take a few hours and head to the local fabric store? Grab fabrics in "your" complementary colors and hold them up next to your face. See what works best! Try lighter and darker shades! Experiment! And, if there are different colors in your eyes that you'd like to pull out, you might actually have several different sets of complementary colors to work with. The more the better, I say!

Once you've got your colors down, it's time to start using them properly. Sure, I suppose you could just drape yourself in your color of choice, and maybe your eyes will look stunning, but people will be too stunned by your crazy person choice of wardrobe to notice. As in most things, moderation is the key. There's no need for a green blouse every single day; a nice scarf or hat with some touches of green will work quite nicely. If you'd like, you can work with patterns as well – add in some other colors, maybe something that highlights your hair color or skin tone. Eyes are important, but we want all of you looking great!

And, while we're on about accessories, a little jewelry can be the perfect touch to draw attention to your beautiful blues (or browns! or greens! or whatever!). Earrings in particular will create a little flash and sparkle, and – if you get the proper stone – can add as much oomph to your eye color as your outfit does! The same rules of color apply: If you have blue eyes, focus on bluish stones, like turquoise or sapphire. Brown eyes? Amber or topaz are wonderful. And emeralds can be the key to astonishing green or hazel eyes. As far as metals go, gold's lovely (if you can afford it), but make sure you're still keeping your skin and hair tones in mind! Yellow and pink gold are great for warmer skin tones; white gold and silver are better for the cooler shades.

If you're looking for something... a bit more in your price range, might I suggest a headband or hair clip? Pulling your hair back will highlight your face, and if you've been following everything else I said, your eyes will be more striking than ever!

Of course, if you really want to bring out your eyes (and don't mind cheating a bit), a pair of colored contacts might be the best accessory of all! Sure, it won't technically be your eye color, but why should that matter? With all the horrible procedures people are getting these days – tummy tucks and collagen injections and all – a simple little trick like colored lenses seems quaint by comparison! And don't worry – I won't tell anyone!

All right, ladies – I'm out for now! Stay beautiful!

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