The Ballad of My Busy Day

The Ballad of My Busy Day



My alarm clock blared with gusto, trumpeting the dawn,
And I rubbed my eyes, and stretched my arms, while stifling a yawn.


The day was slow on starting, seemed the sun was still in bed,
But I had no time to linger: A big day did lie ahead.


I showered, primped and beautified with speed and resolution,
And put in contacts that were moistened with OPTI-FREE® Solution.


Replenished and re-energized, I hurried out the door.
With all-day moisture on my side, how could I ask for more?


But when I stopped for coffee, the line, it stretched for miles.
Scores of people seeking mocha, and none were wearing smiles.


I quickly sprang to action; I must make these bad moods cede!
So I grabbed a nearby paper, cleared my throat, began to read:


First the comics, then the horoscopes, loud and clear and strong.
Good thing my eyes felt fabulous, I read all morning long.


Soon people started laughing, and their frowns, they were abated.
And by the time I got to work, I too, felt quite elated.


Until I saw my inbox, and a note marked “read this quick!”
“The model for the photoshoot, she had to call in sick!”


I dashed down to the boss’s office; there was no time to spare,
But my bad luck, I found our clients were all already there!


“Our model has arrived!” said one; I tried to right the wrong,
My boss looked at me pleadingly – I had to play along.


I smiled, I posed, the cameras flashed. And all to great success.
For OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH® Solution helped me feel my best.


And here, my friends, this story ends; a new one starts again.
The photographer asked me on a date – I’m meeting him in ten.


This day of fun is still not done; I guess it goes to show,
When OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH® Solution is on your side,
good days are apropos.

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