Adventure Girl in Italy

Adventure Girl in Italy

Our heroine is bound for Italy and another amazing experience. But she needs your help before taking off on the trip. Choose the contact lens solution that she'll take on her travels – then follow along as the adventure unfolds.

With her bags packed and itinerary in hand, Lauren (A.K.A. Adventure Girl) is ready for the next stop on her whirlwind tour across the globe - and a rendezvous with her French beau Julien in an all-new city.

There's just one problem: She's out of contact lens solution – and she isn't about to embark on her adventure armed only with a spare pair of glasses.

Luckily, la pharmacie is right around the corner, and she has time to restock in Paris before hitting the road for Italy. From the looks of the store shelves, she's got a lot of options to choose from. And with all these choices in contact lens solution, what's a girl to do?

Adventure Girl felt the briefest pang of homesickness as she reached for a box of OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH® Solution. It almost felt like she was back home, buying contact lens solution at her neighborhood pharmacy. The feeling passed in less than a flash. After all, how could she possibly dwell on home when a trip to Rome, a rendezvous with Julien and a whole week's worth of gelato were right around the corner? And now that she had a new bottle of OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH® Solution – and 14 hours of contact lens moisture on her side – she'd truly have the freedom she needed to take in everything Italy had to offer.

Adventure Girl made her purchase and left the store with a skip in her step. This next leg of her whirlwind tour was bound to be unforgettable.

As she stepped off the train, Adventure Girl felt a surge of excitement. The sights, the sounds - the Italian leather eye candy! There was so much for her to see - starting with a stop at la gelateria, of course - and then a quick trip to the hotel to drop off her bags.

As she walked out into the city square, an ear-to-ear grin made its way to Adventure Girl's face. She'd be seeing Julien when he arrived tomorrow. Not to mention, her eyes still felt favoloso – and she'd put in her contacts hours ago. Nothing could slow her down... except maybe a second gelato stop. But is it really a crime to eat dessert all day? Somewhere in the distance, music was playing and the sounds of a crowd danced in the air. Adventure Girl turned and walked toward it.

Adventure Girl followed the beat through the city streets, winding through rows of vendors and bobbing her head to the music. Maybe it was the energy of the day, or the excitement of seeing Julien again (though, more likely, it was the sugar rush induced by extraordinary amounts of Italian ice cream), but before she knew it, Adventure Girl had broken into a full-fledged dance down the sidewalk.

When she finally looked up from her impromptu two-step, she realized she had somehow made her way into the center of a street festival. And – miraculously – her impromptu escapade had earned her the attention of an adoring crowd.

She paused awkwardly, looked out into the faces of her accidental audience and smiled sheepishly. But before she could even begin to get embarrassed, they were lifting her up on their shoulders and carrying her toward a stage.

"La nostra regina per il giorno!" shouted a man with a microphone.

Adventure Girl translated in her head: Queen? For the Day?

This was going to be the best trip ever. The type you had to see to believe. And with OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH® Solution, she wasn’t going to miss a moment.

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