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The #1 doctor-recommended brand, OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH® Contact Solution features a unique formula that helps maintain a shield of moisture between your contacts and your eyes, for up to 14 hours1 of moist lenses! With 14 hours of moisture, OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH® gives you the freedom you need to make it through your day.

When your contacts are soaked in OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH® Contact Solution, the lens surface is reconditioned by the TearGlyde® proprietary system. TearGlyde® allows the lens surface to retain a thin layer of moisture from your tears, keeping lenses moist for up to 14 hours — 6 hours longer2 than other tested lens care solutions! This shield of moisture allows many lens wearers to experience clearer vision at the end of the day, and may help maintain the appearance of your eyes, keeping them free from redness.1

In addition to all-day lens comfort, OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH® Contact Solution offers a high level of disinfection against both bacteria and fungi. By incorporating new ingredients into a proven disinfection system, OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH® offers the advanced lens care technology to clean and protect the latest types of soft contacts.

OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH® is available in 10 oz. bottles, or a 4 oz. travel size. Also available are a Value Pack, with two 10 oz. bottles, or a Travel Kit, with a 4 oz. bottle, a lens case, and a bottle of OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH® Rewetting Drops.

Always use the contact solution prescribed by your eye doctor. Ask your eye doctor if OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH® Contact Solution is right for you. Remember, only your eye doctor can determine the contact lens and solution combination that will work best for you.

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  2. Schachet J, Zigler L, Wakabayashi D, Cohen S. Clinical assessment of a new multi-purpose disinfecting solution in asymptomatic and symptomatic patients. Poster presented at AAO; Dec 2006; Denver, CO.
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